Special Winding Machine

Multi Coil Winder

Four to Six coils on single spindle winding for choke and inter-layer winding with optional cutting facility

special winding machine multi coil winder

LVDT / Long Axial Coil Winder

LVDT coil winders for LVDT / wire wound resistor / Heater coils for extra long axial length with variable pitch.

LVDT coil winder

Flyer Winder

Programmable flyer coil winder up to 16 pole stator with auto-indexing and winding.

special purpose flyer coil winder

Spiral / Continuous Winder

Programmable winder to wind continuous length of resistance element on various core like asbestos rope, fiber, bill etc.

spiral continuous winder

R-Core Winder

Programmable bobbin winder for pre-inserted cores. For three phase and single phase R-core transformers.

special purpose r core winder

Flexible Strip / Ceramic Core Winding

Programmable winder to wind flexible strip/tube/rod with driven tail stock.

programmable bobbin winder