Special Winding Machines

Motor and Choke Winding Machine | Spiral Coil Winding Machine

Customized winding machines are designed, manufactured and supplied as per customer's specific coil winding requirement. Acme specialise in customised winding machines and has capability to modify any of the standard winding machine to achieve special winding needs. Below are some of the special application machines. Please submit your winding details to find the possibility of developing coil winding machine to fulfil your winding needs.

Multi Coil Winding Machine

Four to six coil on single spindle winding for choke and interlayer winding with optional cutting facility.

LVDT / Long Axial Coil Winding Machine

Winding machine for LVDT/wire wound resistor / heater coils for extra long axial length with variable pitch.

Auto Stator Winding Machine

Programmable flyer winder up to 16 pole stator with auto indexing and winding.

Spiral/Continuous winding machine

Programmable winder to wind continuous length of resistance element on various core like asbestos rope, fiber, wire etc.

Flexible Strip / Ceramic Core Winding Machine

Programmable winder to wind flexible strip/tube/rod with driven tail-stock.

R-Core Winding Machine

For three phase and single phase R-core transformers.

Bobbin with Core Winding Machine

Programmable bobbin winder for pre-inserted cores.

Tape winding machine

Electronic Programmable winder for various tapes like teflon/cotton for spooling and in the form of step-pack winding.

Miniature Armature Winding Machine

Miniature Motor Armature Winding Machine with programmable indexing and winding.

*For improving performance, ACME Electronics reserves the right to make changes in specifications & machine without prior notice.