Linear Winding Machines : AEM Series

Model AEM series winding machine is designed for winding motor coils and inductor coils with wire to be hand guided.

APPLICATION : Suitable for winding motor coils and large size magnetic coils and Inductors.

Machine comes with programmable facility to wind up to 16 sequential coils with auto stop facility for every section. Speed is foot controlled or potentiometer controlled with soft start and soft stop facility having 50 program memory storage facility. Programming is menu driven for quick winding setup with facility to edit, copy, view the pre-programmed parameters. Power of 3HP/2HP drives the spindle having faceplate of 300mm. Magnetic lock holds the spindle during stop condition to avoid unwinding of the coil. Arbours of standard design is supplied in five sets along with machine.

*For improving performance, ACME Electronics reserves the right to make changes in specifications & machine without prior notice.